I’m the kind of person who likes to be on the go. I just like to be doing something — anything. Even on vacations, I can only sit around so long and before long I am looking for a little adventure. Take a hike, drive a go-cart, go exploring, hit some golf balls… sitting around too much feels like I am waiting around for something to happen. I go a little stir-crazy.

I admit it, waiting is a challenge for me. Waiting at the doctor’s office… waiting in a traffic jam… waiting in a long checkout line… I’m just not wired to… wait. Psalm 27:14 tells us… “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

The guy who wrote that, David, knows a little bit about waiting on the Lord. Most biblical historians indicate that David was between the ages of 12-15 when he was anointed by Samuel as King over Israel, but he didn’t actually become King until he was around the age of 30. 15+ years… that’s a long time to wait. And not only did David have to wait on the Lord, but much of that “waiting” was fraught with challenge.

In reality, David spent most of the time running for his life from the current King, Saul. Yet, even though he did seek God’s intervention, and even asked God why he must continue to wait… he somehow remained faithful in the challenge. I wonder… Would David have been the same great King later in life if he hadn’t had to spend those 15+ years waiting? I don’t think so.

Sometimes waiting on the Lord is really about God growing our faith, and He knows the importance of deep faith in the midst of challenge. So, this week I have tried to practice patience in waiting on the Lord. It’s not been easy… but growing in our faith rarely is… but it is always for our benefit. “Lord, grant me the ability to wait on You, and grow me into what You desire me to be!”

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