Recently I read this article online, “Earth 2.0: Bad News for God”. The NASA Kepler telescope has discovered a planet in another solar system similar in size to earth orbiting a star similar to our sun at about the same distance from it’s “sun”.

Apparently, the author considers the discovery of a planet that cannot even be seen by a high powered telescope (it was detected by gravitational forces and light refraction) evidence that God does not exist, since life could exist upon it.

The title of this article makes me want to laugh, but my heart won’t let me. I am constantly amazed at the level people over-reach toward an attempt to prove that God must not exist.

Let’s rationalize this just a bit, from a biblical perspective. So… a God that Christians believe created the planet earth, 10’s of thousands of species of animals, 100’s of thousands of species of insects, humanity, angelic beings, our Galaxy filled with 100 billion stars and over 100 billion galaxies each containing 100 billion stars… this AMAZING, CREATIVE, IMAGINATIVE, ALL-POWERFUL AND INVENTIVE God… and if LIFE exists somewhere else in this vast Universe… it is PROOF that he is a FICTIONAL creation of faith needy humans?

Kepler 252b is not a threat to my faith. It is confirmation of an Amazing Creator God.

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