Some time ago I was driving on State Route 224 east of Willard. As you are probably aware, 224 can be busy at times, and it has a lot of semi truck traffic on it. It is a fairly straight road, but it can be a bit deceiving when it comes to passing slower traffic because it has subtle dips in the road that are not always easy to see from a distance. You might think it is safe to pass someone and then, suddenly, a car will pop up out of one of those dips and surprise you.

Well on this trip I popped down into one of those dips and in the lane opposite of mine there was a car facing me — completely stopped. As I approached the car, I saw the driver get out and start to walk to the front of his car. Now, why he stopped his car in the middle of the lane like that I will never know. But what I do know… is when I passed him and popped back out of that dip… I saw a semi truck barreling down on the back of that car.

I knew the truck driver probably couldn’t see the car. I knew he would never think a car would be stopped like that in the middle of the road. I knew trucks traveling at 60 MPH are hard to stop. I immediately put the window down in my truck and started to gesture frantically to him to warn him of the danger. At the same time, I flashed my brights on and off rapidly, and for just a brief second, he and I made eye contact. I watched him nod his head at me and then in the rear view mirror I saw his brake lights come on. Then, he got to the top that dip… suddenly his trailer tires started to smoke as he slammed his brakes on, and thankfully, he was able to get stopped. I was so relieved!

That experience on 224 reminded me of how unexpected life can be sometimes. We can be cruising right along, everything seemingly fine in our lives, and then suddenly there is a stalled car in our path. A diagnoses. An unexpected death. A broken relationship. A financial obstacle. A Life Collision.

At this Christmas time, I am so grateful for the presence of Jesus in my life. Immanuel, God is with us. I honestly don’t know how I could ever navigate any Life Collision without his presence in my life. When Jesus was born, Hope was born. Hope for a Savior. Hope for a Presence to sustain me in life. Hope for a Future. Perhaps the angel said it best… “I bring you good news of great joy… A Savior has been born!”

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