Remember that scene in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade where Indy had to take a “leap of faith” to cross a great chasm in the middle of a mountain? Across the chasm was a camouflaged rock bridge that was invisible to the naked eye. Following the clues given to him, Indy had to step out in faith, trusting that he wouldn’t fall. Once he took that step, he could see the bridge and cross safely. But… he had to take the step of faith first.

As a church we are going to be taking a big step of faith in the coming months. The Elder and Governing Boards have voted unanimously to begin the search for a Worship Pastor/Director. In the Annual Meeting last week, we spent a bit of time talking about this next big step our church will be taking.

As we step out in faith, we must realize we will have to grow in our faith, finances and numerically to afford the expansion of our staff. I don’t know why God sometimes asks us to step out in faith before all of the facts and figures are in order… but He does. Abram was asked to leave his home without knowing where he was going. Moses was asked to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land without knowing where that land was. David was anointed King without pedigree or the assurance that it wouldn’t cost him his life. And Jesus’ disciples were asked to leave home, family and careers without knowing where it would take them.

Over the last several months, I have become convinced this is where God is leading us as a church. So, I have taken a deep breath, put my hand over my heart, said many prayers, and taken that first step of faith. I am asking everyone in our church to do the same thing. Would you join me in prayer that God’s will would be done, and for Him to grow our faith in following His leading? Would you pray for wisdom within the Elder Board through this process? And would you pray that we find the person God wants to join our church?

Just because we act in faith, doesn’t mean we don’t have questions for God, or that we aren’t nervous in the process. I find it hard to believe Abram, Moses, David and Jesus disciples didn’t experience butterflies in the stomach in some of those moments, and I will readily admit to mine. But one thing is for sure… steps of faith in God make following him an adventure! Here’s to the adventure! Are you in?

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