Recently, Lauri and I spent a long weekend in New York. We had a great time together too. So much fun actually, that we didn’t leave NYC until close to 4PM on Monday afternoon. At that time of the day, traffic was quite heavy. As we made our way across 300 miles of Pennsylvania that evening, we shared the road with hundreds of semi trucks.

It was really amazing. Sometimes we would overtake 10 or 12 trucks in a cluster. Central PA is quite mountainous and those heavy trucks were not able to climb those long hills at speed, sometimes slowing down to 15 miles an hour below the speed limit. One truck might be in the left lane for 3 or 4 miles trying to pass 8 trucks going 55 MPH, while he bustled along at a brisk 56.

It was just impossible to drive the speed limit consistently. Cruise control? Forget about it. 300+ miles of ponderous obstacles. It was such a relief to cross into Ohio. The hills were gone and the long plodding truck drag races were not necessary. As we exited onto I-76, most of those trucks continued onto the I-80 turnpike. With a sigh of relief, I set the cruise control on my truck and felt the tension begin to release from my shoulders. Now I could drive a consistent speed.

It occurred to me on Monday night that life can sometimes feel like that trip from NYC. I want my life to be consistent. It is great when the cruise control is on and things are moving smoothly. Who wants to deal with obstacles in their lives? Yet, because of a fallen world, life oftentimes has its share of challenges. Road blocks, slow-downs and detours. An illness, an unexpected financial challenge, relationship angst… hundreds of ways actually.

As I pondered all of this that night, it made me grateful that there is coming a day and a place where the challenges and obstacles of life will be forever in the rearview mirror. A place where sin will be no more. Heaven is the place that everyone is longing for — whether they know it or not. A place designed for us to interact with and enjoy God. A place where the cruise control will never have to come off.

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